Wrap-up: GCCa��s biggest Android developer conference returning to UAE

The global developer conference promotes a community driven networking platform for regional developers and companies

droidcon dubai

Returning to the UAE for its second edition, droidcon Dubai 2016 is a global conference series that focuses on individual networking opportunities for Android developers, while highlighting the latest advances and new technologies of all things Android. The conference will be held at the Impact Hub, Downtown Dubai, from 25a��26 March.

droidcon Dubai is part of the global droidcon community that has seen an increasing number of conferences held worldwide each year, since 2009. To date, droidcon has also been held in Amsterdam, Bangalore, Berlin, Brussels, Bucharest, London, Madrid, Moscow, Murcia, Paris, Stockholm, Tunis, and Turin; however, such has been its success that new locations continue to be added.

droidcon dubai

The stated intention of the organisers of droidcon Dubai is to gather the UAEa��s tech community together a�� under one roof a�� to learn about the latest Android advances, hear about innovative new technologies from expert speakers and to network with people from across the tech and Android industry. The event is also expected to further drive the development of the UAEa��s start-up landscape by giving talented developers access to industry leaders, thereby encouraging new ideas, and nurturing innovation.

Having grown into one of the worlda��s biggest tech events, with thousands of attendees every year across five continents, droidcon Dubai is expected to follow in the success it has achieved at similar conferences held in locations around the world.

The conference agenda for droidcon Dubai 2016 includes a host of expert speakers who will present on a wide range of topics relating to the latest developments in the Android community. These include speakers from Google, Skyscanner, Groupon, HRS and Shazam.

droidcon dubai

Additional slots for speakers are still available, so if there are Android developers or companies who wish to present then submissions for proposed topics will be accepted up to 6th March.


Speaking ahead of next montha��s event, droidcon founder and director of strategic orientation for the brand, Boris Jebsen said:

a�?We are tremendously excited to be bringing the GCC’s biggest, community-driven, Android developer conference series back to the United Arab Emirates for the second time. Having already secured some of the worlda��s top names in Android development as guest speakers, we are confident that developers and companies from the UAE and across the Gulf region will see this as the must-go-to event of the year a�� for their industry and individual networking opportunities.a�?

According to Jensen, the concept of droidcon was formed in 2009 as an idea for supporting the Android platform and to draw attention to different parts of the community driven eco-system, including core development, embedded solutions, augmented reality, business solutions and games.

If you are interested in attending or presenting at droidcon Dubai 2016, the organisers recommend visiting the website at www.droidcon.ae for more information and registration.



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