Our Strategy

NetPro is a forward-thinking and an aspiring firm that supports and celebrates the growth and success of its networks and values them as a critical component of a corporate strategy.


is important for all businesses looking forward to improving their productivity.A� Our aim is to become the leading providers of professional services that help our customers to make better-informed business decisions and implement more effective business strategies.


Our partnership with our clients create profitable targeted audience segments and efficiently help us to reach out other audiences across the UAE, achieving cross-channel execution in a seamless way possible. We look for your right partners; we bring you with them together.

Innovative Technology

We use our innovative technology to provide our clients with field marketing services for driving sales and profits at an instant.A�Moreover, we seek to build a strong, healthy and engaging community by connecting our like-minded clients with opportunities to serve, and provide resources to agencies to develop creative and efficient programs and partnerships.

Create Opportunities

We support initiatives, create opportunities and an environment that promotes the growth of your personal and professional networks.A�Furthermore, our values are our clients, their involvement through sharing skills, interests and talents and our community by collaborating and cooperation between people and companies in building a stronger and more productive networking community.

We have an internal IT networking NetPro community that helps you connect in person and virtually with other industry peers, seminars, and workshops or share other business related experiences or get advice in real-time from members in our confidential NetPro community platforms.

We have a vast array of commercial and social networks, dedicated to robust IT and sharing innovative ideas and at the same time administer members with instant confidential connections to other NetPro members around the Middle East and the UAE. Our primary aim is to connect IT members with other relevant IT peer resources for business, personal or social engagement endeavors, instant engagement outside their chapters for new NetPro members and appropriate IT content about specific business, personal or social impact issues. Posting IT related content in our community will help you get a lead in helping you get a more intimate approach for your targeted market and your targeted audience.

Our corporate business network will keep you up-to-date with the latest in IT, tech trends and so on. A�Our experience lies in the field of country-specific systems to assist our members with business etiquette so they can expand their businesses into the right market in the UAE and around the Middle East.

We have also organized two top international developer conferences such as droidcon Dubai and Codemotion Dubai.